Honolulu, Hawai‘i October 9-12

Case Studies are real-world examples of how ethnographic approaches are used to address a specific product, service, project, or organizational issue. They are selected through blind review by our independent program committee and published in the open access journal EPIC Proceedings (ISSN 1559-8918). Authors will present their work in the following conference sessions.

Rehumanizing Data

Wednesday, 10 October, 10–11:00
Curator: Chad Maxwell, Kelly Scott Madison

Mattresses & Moneyboxes: Cultural Affordances for Microfinance in Jordan
Zach Hyman · Continuum
When Customer Insights Meet Business Constraints: Building a Go-to-Market Strategy for a Smart Home Offering in a Regulated Space
Liz Kelley & Amanda Dwelley · ILLUME Advising
ReHumanizing Hospital Satisfaction Data: Text Analysis, the Lifeworld, and Contesting Stakeholders’ Beliefs in Evidence
Julia Wignall & Dwight Barry · Seattle Children’s

Designing Hybrid Futures

Wednesday, 10 October, 10–11:00
Curator: Simon Roberts, Stripe Partners

Hybrid Ethnographic-Prototyping Method for Tackling Challenges of Implementing Next-Gen Medical Office Model
Brady Sih · Kaiser Permanente; Michael Lin; Shannon Coughlin; Hillary Carey · Winnow Research
Humans Can Be Cranky and Data Is Naive: Using Subjective Evidence to Drive Automated Decisions at Airbnb
Stephanie Carter & Richard Dear · Airbnb
Designing for Interactions with Automated Vehicles: Navigating Ethnography at the Boundary of Quantitative-Data-Driven Disciplines
Pernille Holm Rasmussen · User Tribe; Markus Rothmüller · Shift Insights & Innovation; Alexandra Vendelbo-Larsen · Aalborg University; Natasha Merat · University of Leeds

Shifting Power & Agency

Thursday, 11 October, 10–11:00
Curator: Will Monge, Good Research

Revitalising Openness at Mozilla: A Mixed Method Research Approach
Rina Jensen · Mozilla
Holistic Understanding of Digital Financial Services Users: An Integrative Approach between Applied Anthropological Research and Big Data Analytics
Gisela Davico & Soren Heitmann · International Finance Corporation
Gaming Evidence: Power, Storytelling and the “Colonial Moment” in a Chicago Systems Change Project
Nathan Heintz · Roller Strategies

Balancing Evidence

Thursday, 11 October, 1:15–2:15
Curator: Ryoko Imai, Hitachi America

“The Root Cause Is… Capitalism and Patriarchy”: Using Anthropology to Widen the Scope of Product Research
Lindsey Wallace & Jenna Melnyk · Adobe
The Transformative Power of Singular Stories: Making the Case for Qualitative Evidence in Healthcare Contexts in Colombia
Juliana Cardona, Juliana Saldarriaga & Paula Gamboa · A Piece of Pie
Humanizing Quant and Scaling Qual to Drive Decision-Making
Lauren Morris & Rebecca Gati · Amazon Prime Video

Possibilities and Limitations for Moving Forward

Friday, 12 October, 10:00–11:00
Curator: Ryoko Imai, Hitachi

Data Systems as Actants: Lessons from Integrating Thick and Big Data in a UAE Theme Park
Jacob WachmannAndreas Juni, Dave Baiocchi, William Welser · ReD Associates
Just Add Water: How Mixing Qualitative Methods of Design Research with Human-Centered Data Science Combined to Deliver Software to Improve Customer Service
Ovetta Sampson · DePaul University
Scale, Nuance, and New Expectations in Ethnographic Observation and Interpretation
Alexandra C. Zafiroglu· Intel Corporation