Honolulu, Hawai‘i October 9-12

PechaKucha (pronounced: “peh-cha-ku-cha”) presentations are captivating performances of a spoken narrative over 20 image-rich slides. They convey unique insights and use visual and narrative expression to reflect on ethnographic practice in provocative ways. PechaKuchas are selected through blind review by our independent program committee and will be presented in the following sessions.

Negotiating Positionality

Wednesday, 10 October, 11:30–12:15
Curator: Robin Kwong, Financial Times

Confessions Across Digital Distances
Jess Shutt · Salesforce
“Empathizing” with Machines
Chris Butler · Philosophie

Whose Story Is It, Anyway?

Wednesday, 10 October, 11:30–12:15
Curator: Carrie Yury, Yuryka

Play It Back: Research as Intervention
Natalie Napier · InWithForward
Life and Death of Evidences: The Role of Digital Interactions during Mexico’s Earthquake
Francisco Pulido Ramirez · INSITUM
The Story as Evidence: It’s Yours, It’s Mine, It’s Theirs
Nik Jarvie-Waldrom · Empathy

Systemic Evidence: Seen and not Seen

Thursday, 11 October, 11:15–12:00
Curator: Evan Hanover, Conifer

Midway Atoll
Sarah Brooks · IBM
Invisible Evidence: Our Disconnection with Broadband Connectivity
Sue Faulkner · Intel Corporation
Rejected!: Design Research and the Social Purging of Technologies
Laura Cesafsky · Nissan Research Center

Embodied Perspectives

Thursday, 11 October, 11:15–12:00
Curator: Vyjayanthi Vadrevu, Rasa.nyc

Working With Intuition
Anish Nangia · eBay Inc.
Bridging Our Gaps
April Jeffries · Ipsos
Diagnosing the World Pulse
Christopher Golias · Independent